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Pink UFO in one of the nets

onsdag 20. oktober 2021
Heavy rain meant sleeping in for a few of us. Later in the day, ringing was also possible. A Siberian Stonechat was seen in Grønningen and in Skallingen.
af Hanelie Sidhu
Hello everybody!


Today we were woken up by thick raindrops drumming against the windows of the bird station. This meant sleeping in for some of us. Jonas, however, set off observing without being bent. Later in the morning Luke opened the nets  in the station garden, and so we too set to work. In the morning we had a Ring Ouzel in one of the nets, which everyone who was in the station came to see.



Ring Ouzel


After lunch, Lise, Sebastian, Andreas and Jonas went to Skallingen and Grønningen to have a look at the two Siberian Stonechats, as one was seen in each place today. They saw both and also a possible Eastern Yellow Wagtail at Skallingen.

Luke and I continued ringing in the afternoon. Again we had a lot of blackbirds. And then, on the last round, you won't believe it, an unidentified flying object for us ringers in one of the nets. A new species for Denmark? No, I'm just jokeing, I´m sorry. But we had a pink balloon in one of the nets. Luke immediately pulled out his smartphone to snap this funny picture before popping the balloon.





When we closed the last net after four o'clock in the afternoon, it started to rain again. What a great timing. We then entered data, a total of 33 birds in the nets, really not bad for a day that had started with such heavy rain.





By the time we were done, it was time to leave. Svend Aage and Bent came by car to pick us up and take us to the big DOF-UNG cottage where we had pizza today. After dinner, Bent, Svend and John Frikke told us about the history of the bird station. Sebastian and Jonas also told about life and their time at the Blavand bird station.



Sebastian and Jonas talk about life at a bird station


During a break, there were various cakes that DOF-UNG had baked today. 

Then we went back to the bird station and to bed.


See you all tomorrow!


People at the bird station: Bent Jakobsen, Sebastian Thorup Hansen, Luke Nelson, Jonas Pedersen, Hanelie Sidhu, Andreas Pedersen, Svend Aage, John Frikke, Stefan Andersen, Lars Andersen, Lise Hykkelbjerg, and David Manstrup 


Blackbirds in the rain

tirsdag 19. oktober 2021
Despite rain a good ringing day with a visit from Ørneklubben
af Hanelie Sidhu
A wonderful evening everyone!


Don't be depressed by the grey sky and all the rain, at least you didn't get as wet in your cosy rooms as we did. Still, it wasn't a bad day today. Jonas ringed again today and Merit also supported us again. So we were four ringers, Jonas Merit, Luke and I, which was good, because in the first round and also still in the second round we were very busy. There were a lot of big birds in the nets today, expressing their displeasure at being caught in a net and having to be freed by humans, in an appropriately loud way. The most ringed bird today was the Blackbird, with a total of 27 blackbirds in the nets, followed by Song Thrush and Redwing. There was also a Firecrest in the net and soon we had a crowd outside the Lighthouse Lab, many from DOF-UNG, all wanting to see the little fellow with the fiery mop of feathers.




The Firecrest in Merits hand


In the morning Ørneklubben also came to see the ringing. Jonas led the children and their parents through the station and lighthouse gardens, showing and explaining ringing. After the standard time was over, we wanted to close the nets, but Bent came today with a lot of energy and good humour and wanted to leave them open to continue ringing. At noon we met Andras at the station, who had taken over the observation again today, while Sebastian was birding in the Bog and in Skallingen. Andreas reported many Grey Wagtails, Sebastian had no major highlights today after the brilliant find of the Radde's Warbler yesterday. For lunch, Sebastian and Jonas´ favourite lunch, Pasta Nuggets, was officially added to Merit's recipe collection, having also tasted a portion of this brilliant meal today. After we had eaten, Kurt offered to take us birding by car. Of course, we couldn't pass up this chance. Merit wanted to come too, but then Bent came in the door with a smile and many full bird bags around his neck and she decided to continue ringing with Bent and Luke. I heard it didn't last long after that though, because it was raining more and more.




Kurt, Jonas, Andreas and I were in Skallingen in the meantime. The result of our excursion: We all got wet, Andreas' shoes were completely wet, I'm curious when he will be able to go out again with dry feet. But we did see something, it's not like that, and we also heard a lot of goldcrests and tits. Back in the dry, we relaxed a bit, Luke entered the data, and in the evening we went to the supermarket. Tonight we had home-made burgers. For some of us the day ends with football, others are already in bed. On that note, I too wish all blog readers a good night. See you all tomorrow. Tomorrow promises rain, let's see what else it brings.


People at the bird station: Bent Jakobsen, Sebastian Thorup Hansen, Luke Nelson, Jonas Pedersen, Hanelie Sidhu, Andreas Pedersen, Merit Link, Stefan Andersen, Lars Andersen, Lise Hykkelbjerg, Henrik Læssøe, David Manstrup and Kurt Willumsen


Schwarzi kom, Schwarzi reddede efteråret

mandag 18. oktober 2021
En god dag i nettene, en god dag på obsen og en super god dag i krattet
af Jonas Pedersen

Halløj alle folkens ude i sommerhusene i felttræfområdet(og andre steder)
Så kom der bare en pisse sjælden fugl, og den skal i nok høre meget om!
Men først!
Skal vi lige høre om dagens forløb.

Sebastian og jeg tog igen i mosen for at luske. Men der var ikke så super meget, dog havde vi to skovsnepper.

Andreas tog på obsen og havde en god dag med mange drosler og en fin obs af en overtrækkende lapværling.
Dagens observationer

I nettene gik det rigtig godt, særligt første runde leverede med mange vindrosler og rødhalse. I alt blev det til 82 fugle, der blev også åbnet net igen hen ad aftenen hvilket gav godt. Dog var det lidt en svær kamp med regnen.d


Efter en lidt mislykkedes morgenlusk tog Sebastian og jeg en eftermiddagslusk med Joshua. Hanelie, Andreas, Luke og Merit tog rundt i blåvansområdet og kiggede efter nogle hvidbrynede løvsangere.

Sebastian, Josh og jeg tog på hukket da vi havde en formodning om at der kørte nogle fugle igennem de yderste krat.

Det gjorde der. Vi havde mange småfugle ude ved obsposten, bla munk 4, gærdesanger 1(sent) og lidt andet godt. 
Vi bevæger os videre og kommer til balearbunkeren. Her arbejder vi lidt med en jernspurv og da den er sikkert bestemt bevæger vi os videre, pludseligt hører vi et kald, hurtigt tænker vi at det lyder som en Schwartz løvsanger, vi kigger os omkring og pludselig sidder der en phylloscopus sanger med kraftigt øjenbryn, da den flyver viser den gule underhaledækfjer og det+kaldet leder os til at den er en schwartz løvsanger. Vi melder fuglen, får nogle billeder og der kommer 120+ fuglekiggere og ser fuglen. Hold kæft den var fed, se her:
Hele DOF ung kommer og min far kører hele vejen fra sønderjylland og den bliver set fint af alle.

Til aften er Lise ankommet til stationen. Nu står den simpelthen på fejring af Danmarks 31. fund og Blåvands 7. fund af denne fugl, efteråret er reddet!!!


People at the bird station: Bent Jakobsen, Sebastian Thorup Hansen, Luke Nelson, Jonas Pedersen, Hanelie Sidhu, Andreas Pedersen, Merit Link, Stefan Andersen, Lars Andersen, Lise Hykkelbjerg, Henrik Læssøe and Joshua Haahr.

Wren Day

søndag 17. oktober 2021
Another good ringing day today and many birds sighted in the field.
af Hanelie Sidhu
Good evening everyone!
The fact that it was finally not too windy again today to open just a few nets made all of us ringers happy. We were able to open all the nets in the station garden and the lighthouse garden again today. Unfortunately, it was the last day for Daniel. And the first day on which we were able to ring normally during the standard time. Yes, he had had a bad week for ringing. Amanda and Merit also came to ring today. So we were by far enough ringers that Jonas could confidently go birding with Sebastian and some friends who are in Blåvand for the DOF-UNG trip.
Most of the birds ringed today were Goldcrests and Wrens. But also a Garden Warbler this late in October. Most of all Daniel, Luke and I were pleased to see a Common Redpoll and a recaptured Crested Tit, two new species in my hand. 
Crested Tit
In the morning Bent came to the bird station with his family including his little granddaughter. I think the highlight of the day for his granddaughter was a Goldcrest, which she also got to touch. She is still a very small birder, but soon to be a big one, and you can already see how happy she is about the bird. 
After Daniel had treated Luke and me to his cooking skills for the last time this autumn season and cooked a good lunch for the three of us, it was time for him to load the car and pack. In the afternoon, Daniel unfortunately left us again today to drive back to Kopenhagen.
Luke and I replaced one of the nets in the station garden afterwards. More or less with success. We'll probably have to do some more work tomorrow, but we didn't want to do that in this rain, which started while we were replacing the net.
Andreas and David took over the observing today. They saw a lot of finches and siskins. Also a Lapland Bunting and Woodlarks.
As in the nets, the most common species Sebastian and Jonas saw while birding was the Wren. There were a few Yellow-browed Warblers seen in Blavand today. Jonas and Sebastian also spotted one. This gives me hope that there might be another one in the net tomorrow, especially since I unfortunately missed the last one.
But back to Jonas and Sebastian's birding tour today: They were able to report on a Red-backed Shrike, a Ring Ouzel, a Horned Lark and a Lesser Whitethroat, possibly even the subspecies Halimodendri. The two were birding all day, partly on foot and also by bike. Partly it rained, and they returned to the Bird Station in the evening, wet and tired. And with great confidence. "Tomorrow is the day!" Sebastian predicted. We often hear this prediction from him, but he was often right. And Andreas also promised us some good species for all of us at dinner, my special one-pot pasta with salad, while birding, observing and ringing. We are happy to believe them, so we are looking forward to a really good day tomorrow. It will be! See you then!

People at the bird station: Bent Jakobsen, Sebastian Thorup Hansen, Luke Nelson, Jonas Pedersen, Hanelie Sidhu, Andreas Pedersen, Merit Link, Stefan Andersen, David Manstrup, Henrik Læssøe and Amanda Johannison.

Felttræffet er beyndt!

lørdag 16. oktober 2021
af Sebastian Thorup Hansen

I dag var den første officielle dag af felttræf, og forventinger var naturligvis skyhøje! Disse høje forventinger blev dog ikke indfriet, på trods af en god indsats i sabinebunkeren i morges. 

Selve morgenobsen startede et stykke tid før solopgang, da vi ville have en god plads, og vi forventede et større antal mennesker i felten grundet uge 42. Det var dog ikke lige sådan det skulle gå, og vi kunne sagtens have startet morgenobsen klokken 8 og stadig have fået en god plads. 

Ikke desto mindre havde vi en rigtig fin storkjove, som kom allerede 20 minutter før solopgang... Dette lovede godt for dagen, som desværre ikke kunne indfri de forventninger som storkjoven gav os.

Samlet set gav dagen en god håndfuld rider, 3 bjergirisker, samt en enkelt mallemuk. Rimelig sløjt for at være ærlig.

Dagens observationer kan ses her

Efter morgenobsen tog Jonas og jeg ud og fik fikset hans punkterede dæk, så vi er klar til uge 42. Dette fik vi ordnet, og tjekket reginevej, TDC og kapellet. Ingen fugle overhovedet, men det var nu en god indsats vi gjorde. 

Lusketuren blev afløst af et besøg hos DOF-UNG som netop var ankommet i Blåvand. Det var sgu et dejligt gensyn med en masse behagelige mennesker. 

Dagen blev afsluttet med en god gættefugl lavet af Lars Grøn, som på fornem vis blev vundet af Rasmus Momme. Om sejren skyldes ualmindelig meget felterfaring eller overnaturligt meget terpning er ikke til at vide. Personligt tror jeg på det sidste, men Momme tog foråret i Blåvand, så det kan snildt være det førstnævnte. Uanset hvad har han gjort sig fortjent til min respekt... Og den er ikke nem at få. 

I morgen står den på lusk hele dagen, da jeg officielt har fået fri. Det kaster forhåbentligt en sjælden fugl af sig, men det bliver nok svært i regnen. Vi får se!

Peace out


People at the bird station: Bent Jakobsen, Sebastian Thorup Hansen, Luke Nelson, Jonas Pedersen, Hanelie Sidhu, Andreas Pedersen, Simon Iversen, Merit Link, Stefan Andersen, David Manstrup, Henrik Læssøe and Daniel Bloche.

Gode havfugle fra morgenstunden

fredag 15. oktober 2021
Lille kjove og sodfarvet skråpe redder dagen!
af Jonas Pedersen

Ja hej allesammen. Så er vi i Sabinen igen, og det er jo som altid bare mega dejligt.

Vi tog alle i sabinen og var klar på havfugle med 13 m/s dog fra nordvest som ikke er en helt oplagt vindretning. Men! Den stærke vind måtte næsten give noget. og det gjorde det også, vi så tidligt en sodfarvet skråpe som trak syd meget langt ude. Efter det skulle der også gå lang tid før vi så en ny god fugl, der trak nogle rider og lidt andre måger, men ikke nogle reelle stormfugle.

Da klokken ramte lidt over ti kom der pludselig en kjove. Det var en kjove som i flugten så ekstrem slank og spidsvinget ud. Vi troede næsten det var en terne på grund af proportionerne og det var hurtigt klart at det var en lille kjove som der trak syd, så er dagen reddet.

Vi tog senere hjem da der ikke skete mere, også blev der slappet af og lavet lidt lækker mad. Bagefter tog vi ud i bunkeren igen og håbede på stormsvaler, men de kom simpelthen ikke så vi måtte undvære og det var fint


Dagens observationer kan ses her

Til aften var det igen lækker karrygryde og hygge. Nu er vi klar til uge 42, det bliver stort. Dof ung og mange andre mennesker, sjældne fugle og alt andet som ugen kan bringe. Husk at følge med!


People at the bird station: Bent Jakobsen, Sebastian Thorup Hansen, Luke Nelson, Jonas Pedersen, Hanelie Sidhu, Andreas Pedersen, Simon Iversen, Merit Link, Stefan Andersen and Daniel Bloche.

Good luck dear Buzzard!

torsdag 14. oktober 2021
Uncomfortable weather today and an injured buzzard in the bird station.
af Hanelie Sidhu
Good evening everyone!


This morning at seven it was quite calm, so we were able to open all the nets. However, we soon had to close some as it started to rain and the wind also increased. Nevertheless, we were able to leave some nets open in the station garden. We played a sound recording of Simon and tried to attract more birds into the nets with it.

Later in the morning, when the rain had subsided, Bent also opened again at the lighthouse. But today there wasn't much going on, so Luke, Daniel and I could even play cards between rounds. Cozy Bird Observatory, Simon commented. After all, we had 24 birds in the nets today, there have been quieter days.




While we were ringing, there was a guided DOF tour for children.



DOF tour; Foto: Simon Christiansen


And we had another guest: Svend Aage had found an injured buzzard on the roadside and brought it to the bird station.



Svend Aage with the buzzard


Here he sat in a box for a while and we tried to feed it. Later, Daniel and Simon called a bird rescue station, who then picked up the buzzard. Hopefully he will pull through. You can do it, dear Buzzard! We all wish you all the best!

Sebastian and Jonas were together on the observation today. Their highlights were over 50 observed Kittiwakes.


After work, Sebastian enjoyed a visit from his grandparents, while Jonas cycled towards Grønningen. And what did he find on the side of the road? Sebastian's bottle, which had been stolen with his backpack yesterday. Unfortunately, there was no trace of the backpack. 



Reunion with Sebastians bottle


Tonight we enjoyed Jonas' delicious curry again and look forward to another windy day tomorrow. Let's see what surprises it brings. See you then! 


People at the bird station: Bent Jakobsen, Svend Aage, Sebastian Thorup Hansen, Luke Nelson, Jonas Pedersen, Hanelie Sidhu, Simon Christiansen and Daniel Bloche.


En dag til glemmebogen

onsdag 13. oktober 2021
af Sebastian Thorup Hansen

Her til morgen havde vi besluttet at dele morgenobsen op, da vi ikke regnede med at der ville ske forfærdelig meget, og vi således kun skulle være derude i 1,5 time hver. Da Jonas har utrolig nemt ved at komme op om morgenen, var han det oplagte valg til den første halvleg, og da jeg elsker at sove, var jeg oplagt til at tage anden halvleg. Dreamteam. 

Da jeg kommer derud er der faktisk gang i et "pænt" småfugletræk, hvilket gjorde at Jonas faktisk valgte at blive derude og tælle videre sammen med mig. Hvilken guttermand! Jonas ringmærker jo normalt, og tæller derfor sjældent træk. Og når han så endelig kommer ud og tælle, er det fordi vejret ikke tillader ringmærkning, som så også betyder intet småfugletræk (oftest). I dag var dog undtagelsen, så Jonas valgte at udnytte dette. Småfugletrækket bestod hovedsageligt af finker (finches), grønsiskener (siskins), tornirisker (linnet) og lidt bjergvipstjerter (grey wagtails). 

Dagens observationer kan ses her

Morgenens højdepunkt blev dog helt klart, da de ringmærkede en stor tornskade (great grey shrike) i det ene net de havde åbent i dag. Great success! 


Stor stornskade

Efter morgenobsen tog Jonas og undertegnede på lusk efter en sjælden småfugl. Der må sgu snart sidde en god fugl derude (troede vi), så vi trodsede den ellers noget tvivlsomme vejrudsigt og cyklede bravt mod Grønningen. Her skulle det vise sig at der ingen fugle var, og højdepunktet blev blot en enkelt enkeltbekkasin (jack snipe). Der var virkelig fugletomt, og når selv gransangerne var tavse, gjorde det ikke ligefrem vores opgave lettere. 

Dagen skulle dog gå yderligere ned ad bakke, da det pludeslig begyndte at regne en konstant regn. Dette skete samtidig med at Jonas' cykel punkterede, og min efterhånden var så flad at den ligeså godt kunne have været punkteret. 

"Nu kan det da ikke blive værre", tænker i nok, men jo. Jo det kan.

På vej ud ad stien mod Grønningen, havde jeg lagt min taske i kanten af stien, da jeg ikke gad slæbe på den. Det skulle så vise sig, at den taske var væk da vi kom tilbage. Den var simpelthen blevet stjålet mens vi tjekkede krattene. I tasken var der desværre mit kamera, som nu er væk... Ej, der var kun min vandflaske, men stadigvæk! Det er sgu nederen:(

Senere prøvede vi med noget natfangst ude på Grønningen, hvilket desværre slog fejl. Vi var dog tæt på at fange både en dobbeltbekkasin og en hjejle. 


En mand med en plan


Så ja, en dag til glemmebogen...


People at the bird station: Sebastian Thorup Hansen, Luke Nelson, Jonas Pedersen, Hanelie Sidhu, Simon Christiansen and Daniel Bloche.

Somewhere under the Rainbow....

tirsdag 12. oktober 2021
... seabirds and Hen Harriers fly
af Hanelie Sidhu
Hello everyone! 


The day at Blåvand Bird Station started today for Sebastian, Jonas, Luke und me with a Morning Obs, again it was too windy to open the nets. To be honest, it was not a very exciting observation, the weather was unpleasant and cold and even if the date says that something has to come - during today's Obs it did not come. However, we saw a Hen Harrier and a Long-tailed Duck, which made us happy. Furthermore, we were able to see a beautiful rainbow today in the same spot as yesterday over the sea.



A rainbow during the observation, Foto: Daniel Bloche


We stopped the observation about 40 minutes before the three hours were over, because it started to rain.


Back at the station, it was time to warm up with coffee, tea and cake. This was kindly already on the table, because Svend Aage and Bent had come with cake in their luggage. After a nice round of coffee and cake, it was time to relax and have lunch.

At one o'clock, Daniel, Luke, Sebastian, Jonas and I went to Tipmosen. There we saw Great Grey Shrikes and Ring Ouzels. After a nice walk with some birds, we drove on, in search of wolves, but found none. Instead, we saw red deer and a crossbill. That wasn't bad either. Back at the station we watch football today, Denmark against Austria. 
To Sebastian's delight, Denmark has just scored a goal, 1:0. That looks quite good, but you shouldn't praise the game before the end. It'll be alright, hopefully we'll hit the jackpot with birds tomorrow, too.


Have a nice evening, see you all tomorrow! 


People at the bird station: Bent Jakobsen, Svend Aage, Sebastian Thorup Hansen, Luke Nelson, Jonas Pedersen, Hanelie Sidhu and Daniel Bloche.


En dag i NV-hyleren

mandag 11. oktober 2021
af Jonas Pedersen

Så er perioden med godt vejr officielt overstået. Nu står den på N og NV hylere i godt over en uge. Det betyder, ingen mærkning, begrænsede fugle på obsen og stort besvær med kratlusk grundet de kraftige vinde.

I går aftes ankom Daniel som også var her sidste år. Vi er selvfølgelig altid glade for noget mere selskab, særligt i den kommende vejrudsigt!

Vi tog alle på morgenobs her til morgen og det var hyggeligt. På trods af vejret var der faktisk et okay træk af særligt storm og hættemåger(common and black-headed gull) og rødlommer(Red throated diver). Meget få highligts men en almindelig kjove(Arctic skua) blev da set. I sidste halvtime kom der en kæmpe rengbyge og vi drog indendørs. IMG-20211011-WA0000.jpg

Så stod den på afslapning og om eftermiddagen tog alle på lusk eller skovtur. Dog uden det store udbytte. I mosen var der en blå kærhøg(Hen harrier) og i skoven var der korsnæb(crosbills).

Nu står den på kortspil og pizzabagning. Vi glæder os til imorgen. For som altid, datoen siger der skal komme noget!

Peace out

People at the station: Sebastian Thorup Hansen, Luke Nelson, Jonas Pedersen, Hanelie Sidhu og Daniel Bloche.

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