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Enjoying the light hours

onsdag 6. november 2019
3 Puffins were seen today! It was a nice dry day, full ringing day and some birdwatching in the afternoon.
af Lisa Flam

Finally, we got to enjoy a full ringing day! No rain, and even the sun came out, just for a moment.
There weren’t to many birds in the nets, so we had some time to birdwatch between the rounds for a change. It was a nice calm morning.

In the observation 3 Puffins (lunder) were seen today!  

20191106 081000.jpg1
Yotam had some common species that he wanted to ring, today he had his first ringed Bullfinch (dompap)! 1Cy, male. Photo: Lisa Flam

Afternoon we decided to take advantage of the light hours and go birdwatching on the beach. There was a low tide, so most of the birds were pretty far away. We could see many Scoters (sortænder), a Red-throated Diver (rødstrubet lom), 2 Purple Sandpipers (sortgrå ryler) and 8 seals (sæler)!

DavidYotam 1.2
David, Yotam, some birds and a beautiful sky. Could I ask for more? Photo: Lisa Flam

20191106 150401.jpg1
Some of the seals, photo taken through the telescope. Photo: Lisa Flam

Species New Ringed Recapture
Wren (gærdesmutte) 3 1
Dunnock (jernspurv) 2  
Robin (rødhals) 6 1
Blackbird (solsort) 5  
Blackcap (munk) 2 2
Goldcrest (fuglekonge) 4  
Blue Tit (blåmejse) 2  
Chaffinch (bogfinke) 1  
Bullfinch (dompap) 1  
Total 26 4