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More Young Birds in the Nets

fredag 7. juni 2024
af Maxim

With much calmer weather conditions the nets opened this morning during standard time. Just before the 5 hours were over rain started to pour down and so the nets were closed. In total 9 bird were ringed and 5 recaptured. With practically no more migrating birds in the nets Michael and I are very happy that the newly hatched birds in the area are starting to fly out of the nests and into the nets. The past two weeks or so have been filled with rounds of empty nets, but today in most rounds atleast one bird turned up in the nets.  Of the ringed birds 5 were juveniles: 2 Blackbirds, Song Thrush, Green finch and Lesser whitethroat.


Two juvenile Blackbirds that were ringed together.


The first juvenile Lesser whitethroat of the season if I am not mistaken.

The rest of the day the weather was quite precarious which did not give us much chance to go outside to enjoy ourselves. It seems uncertain what the upcoming days have in store for us. For now there are strong winds predicted and there is possibility for rain in the morning.

People at the station: Michael and Maxim