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For Better or Worse...

lørdag 30. marts 2024
af Maxim Lisi

...everything was in tune today. The three ringers (Morten, Bianca and I: Maxim) were afflicted with a lack of energy (but not a lack of enthusiasm!), all three of us had little sleep last night. Some because they could not sleep, and others (Morten) because he ended up stargazing. There was a clear sky last night, so Morten took another shot at observing the comet that is still visible.


The comet last night, much clearer than last time!

The weather did not show much vigour either: no swirling winds dancing through brush and leaf, and no sun to brighten the day.  As if the birds could feel our weariness, they took it easy as well. In total 20 birds were ringed and there were two controls. One of the controls was a Dunnock ringed by one of our neighbour ringing stations here in Denmark. The Natural History Museum has been notified about the recapture and we are waiting for a recovery report to get to know more about this individual.


Dunnock ringed by the another ring station in Denmark

During the walks between gardens mentions of tired legs, a hangover feeling from little sleep and even plain laziness were muttered (all in good fun). Having enough of all our grumbling the weather decided to shepherd us inside with some rainfall around the end of standard time, but not before Morten could show a grandfather and grandson the station garden. Morten got to show them the whole process of bird ringing. They both, but especially the grandson, enjoyed Morten’s private tour and it sound like there is a new birder in the making.