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A view birds and a view non-avian visitors

mandag 4. marts 2024
af Maxim

Most of the action today took place during the early morning. Same as yesterday, we barely hit the double digits with a total of 10 birds captured, 6 newly captured and 4 recaptured birds.

One (of the many) positive sides of this quiet part of the season is that Morten has more than enough time to teach me techniques for handling the birds and what to look for when determining the age of birds.


A Goldcrest calmly waiting to be released.



Morten showing me how to determine the age of a Robin by looking at its plumage.


In between checks Morten went to the beach in the morning with his telescope and spotted a juvenile White-Tailed Eagle! Too bad I was eating breakfast…


The White-tailed Eagle photographed by Morten.


Although there were no special species of birds captured, Morten and I did get some very special non-avian migrant visitors at the station today, Bent Jakobsen and Svend Aage Clausen! It was nice to meet them and get to know them a little bit over coffee and some pastries Svend brought with him. Bent recommended I read “Bird Migration” written by Thomas Alerstam which I am excited to start reading it!

Inspired by Morten I decided to take a walk along the beach this afternoon, maybe I could also spot something exciting. Although not as exciting as a White-Tailed Eagle I did spot a Ringed Plover which I had never seen before.


People at the station: Morten and Maxim