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A Successful Day: Thrushes, Bramblings, and More

onsdag 18. oktober 2023
af Joseph Stephan

The weather was pleasant today, with temperatures around 15 degrees and plenty of sunshine. The wind came from the east, with speeds reaching up to 7 m/s.

The morning observation was somewhat slow today, but they still spotted 337 Eider Ducks (Ederfugl), 330 Jackdaws (Allike), and 3040 Starlings (Staer). You can find a comprehensive list of all observations here.

Anton, Antonia, and I had the nets open all day and caught 173 birds, including four Song Thrushes (Sangdrossel), three Bramblings (Kvaerkerfinke), three Blackbirds (Solsort), and four Coal Tits (Sortmejse).





After a long day, Louis prepared a delicious pasta for dinner, which we all enjoyed to the fullest. We taught each other German and Danish, shared hearty laughs, and then retired to our well-deserved beds.