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Few but nice birds

mandag 16. oktober 2023
af Antonia Greil

As usual, the morning started with the daily morning observation at the Sabines Bunker. The wind was NNV with up to 11 m/s. Louis and Thor went out and had a slow morning, especially with the seabirds. They had almost 150 Common Scoter (Sortand), a Redbreasted Merganser (Toppet Skallesluger), some Wigeons (Pibeand) and Dunlins (Almindelig Ryle). For passerines it was in general a bit better, they counted some Horned Larks (Bjerglærke) and Wood Larks (Hedelærke). All observations can be seen here.

As the wind was not so strong as the days before, Anton and I could open some of the mistnets in the Stations Garden. We didn’t catch a lot, but it was nice to go ringing again after all those days without. We had two Redwings (Vindrossel), a Song Thrush (Sangdrossel), a Siskin (Grønsisken) and a few Goldcrests (Fuglekonge).


While we were out ringing, a Spotted Nutcracker (Nøddekrige) was seen in the area, flying to the Lighthouse. Of course, we immediately went out and tried to see it, but sadly we missed it. Louis and Thor had more luck. For them it was really a good day, as they got two new species in total: the Nutcracker, and the Brown Shrike (Brun Tornskade) on Mandø!


Photo: Flying Brown Shrike (Brun Tornskade) by Louis Poulsen


Photo: Sitting Brown Shrike (Brun Tornskade) by Louis Poulsen

My, not rare but still nice, highlight today was a flock of Common Crossbills (Lille Korsnæb) in the Stations Garden, feeding on the coniferous trees. This was the first time I saw them not in hand or flying by, but really close up and resting, so I was able to look long enough at their natural behavior.

In the afternoon, everyone went out to search for more birds and new guests arrived at the station: Oliver and Lars, who will stay the rest of the week 42. Every bed is now occupied and you always find someone to talk enthusiastically about birds, so the Fuglestation really more than lives up to its name right now!

People at the Station: Louis Poulsen, Anton Liebermann, Joseph Stephan, Antonia Greil, Andreas Kristian Pedersen, Stefan Andersen, Lars Andersen, Henrik Læssøe, Thor and Oliver