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Stories from Langli

torsdag 25. maj 2023
af Amelie Sophie Zeller

As Morten mentioned yesterday, Rose and I got back very late at night after our adventure on Langli. At 10 in the morning Bjarne drove us to the island with the tractor. The weather was fine and there was not even a strong wind. First, we admired the beautiful building and could imagine how our friends had spent their summers and winters there, it seemed a bit out of time.


We spent an impressive and fun day with Thomas and Lars counting the eggs of Herring Gulls (Sølmåge) and Lesser Black-backed Gulls (Sildemåge) at 4 sites. We also recorded the nests of Eiders (Ederfugl). This took all day, including a lunch break when Thomas took photos of the sites with a drone.


Around 8 pm we ate dinner together in the sunset, drank beer and had funny conversations. Unfortunately, the low tide was delayed to 1 am, so it was not quite clear when Rose and I would be able to make our way back. In the end we decided to leave at 10, even though the water wasn't at the lowest level at that point. But it gave us a good feeling to have some brightness left. It was a great walk home, which took us 1:15 hours. Afterwards we were really exhausted and fell into bed around 1 am. Morten even got up again at that point because he wanted to watch a supernova that has been happening in another universe. He was lucky enough to see it for a few minutes as the sky cleared.

In keeping with the previous day, Rose and I didn't get up until 9 am today. It was a very windy day anyway and Morten had only opened a few nets in which he caught a few birds, there was even a new species for the season: a Barn Swallow (Landsvale). Rose and I had a nice trip to Kærgård Klitplantage and enjoyed some calming hours there. Tonight at midnight we are going stargazing with Morten, we are looking forward to it!


Today’s ringing data:


Fiolk på stationen: Rose, Morten og Amelie