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A late start with a nice suprise

torsdag 9. juni 2022

After some days ringing with Morten, today I had to do the ringing alone again. Unfortunately the weather did not fully corporate because the nets could not be opened until 9. On the second round there was a rosefinch in the nets. This was my first rosefinch in Denmark, so this was very nice. For the next one I hope it will be an adult male, since they are more beautiful than the plain females. In the maintime Henrik was birding in the area and could see it as well, shortly before he heard a Caspian tern calling. Bent was also at the station, so he saw it as well. In the mean time, Bello was at Skallingen so he missed it.

In the afternoon Bello went to bring some stuff back to Århus.



Ringing totals:

Garden warbler 3/0

Blackcap 1/0

Chiffchaff 1/0

Willow warbler 1/0

Crested tit 0/2

Rosefinch 0/1

Total 6/3

People at the station: Bent, Henrik, Bello and Menno