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Ørneklubben on a good ringing day

lørdag 21. august 2021
af Michaëla Berdougo

Hi folks! 

Today started with only 4 people in the house, compared to 7 yesterday morning. It is weirdly quiet now! Sebastian went observing and was joined a bit later on by David who is staying until tomorrow. While fairly slow, highlights were three Dværgmåge (Little Gull) and three Dværgryle (Little Stint).

IMG 6994 001

Dagens observationer kan ses her

Sam, Jonas and I ringed, and it turned out to be a great day with 42 birds out of 19 species. Great diversity! Our highlights were a recapture Havesanger (Garden Warbler) from Norway, and a young Stenpikker (Northern Wheatear), a new one in the hand for me. :D We also had the chance to have a visit from Ørneklubben with Mads Oddershede, three young birders and their parents. Jonas gave them a tour and explained the ringing routines to them; they were super excited! 20210821_105542.jpg
Headshot of the Stenpikker

This evening, a couple of amazing tourists came from the beach with a beached Lomvie (Guillemot), unfortunately the third one in three days which raises some questions. A rescue center has been contacted and is on its way to pick it up very soon. Fingers crossed! 

We are now getting ready for bed, as we are preparing for eastern winds tomorrow. :D


Løvsanger - 8
Gransanger - 1
Rødhals - 1
Broget Fluesnapper - 3
Gulbug - 1
Jernspurv - 2
Rødstjert - 1
Rørsanger - 1
Blåmejse - 1
Munk - 3
Havesanger - 2
Tornsanger - 4
Bogfinke - 2
Skovpiber - 1
Skovspurv - 1
Musvit - 6
Gulspurv - 2
Stenpikker - 1
Sangdrossel - 1

Sum = 42 of 19 species

Have a lovely evening, and enjoy this autumn migration!

Folk på stationen: Samuel Perfect, Jonas Pedersen, Sebastian Thorup Hansen, David Manstrup, og Michaela Berdougo